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aww, i guess i should post once in a while, eh? but what to say that hasn't been said on my other blog--which really is rarely updated--madevilknits.blogspot.com--and facebook? yes, i'm on facebook. that's where my family hangs out so there go i. other than that, i use google reader (SO MUCH) and i'm on rav still. so. i'm still existing! i'm knitting: mom's socks, my first sweater from an actual pattern (with extensive modifications, of course) and some socks for me. i would like to make some handwarmers or mittens or gloves but i don't know which ones. for halloween i'm either going to go as a case of wonderflonium (with a shirt that says "wonderflonium: do not bounce") and rene will have to figure something out for himself, or we'll go together as cloak and dagger. not really sure how to do that.... all rene needs is a big, well, cloak and some blackface but i need to finagle a shirt into that odd cross-shaped cutout arrangement and find some white hair dye. which we do have at work, so... there's one thing checked off.

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RIGHT so now i have a camera, and it takes pictures which are actually decent, and so it is time, as it sometimes is for all of us in some way, for me to go over to blogger and get a proper knitting blog and a following and become a celebrity in the knitting world and so on. i link between this and that once i get it set up, and then it is goodbye. but all that's happening tomorrow, or maybe later, because i have to get up at 6 tomorrow. GOD.

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go watch warehouse 13 RIGHT NOW. no, trust me, jane espenson helped write at least the first episode. the words "wicked awesome" happen to apply to it. (also the words "so where exactly are you planning to go with this?" but for now it's a fun little thing which starts a bit slow but is then wicked awesome.)

two stories

leaving tomorrow!

i have two stories:
1: so i was at work. i was about to go on my break, and before cashiers take a break we have to clear out our registers of all the items customers didn't want. we take them to customer service and deposit them in bins or, later in the evening, in carts. so i was walking out of customer service with my hands all full of jacketwaterbottlereturnsetc, and i nearly ran into this guy who was wearing the xkcd "SCIENCE: it works, bitches" shirt. and i said, "i love your shirt. so much." he turned around and looked at me confusedly because, you see, he was also wearing a jacket, so all you could really see was "IEN / works, bi". so i said, "i read xkcd, too." and he sort of checked me out. just a little once-over, a little "hmm" look. which i thought was funny because this guy is never going to see me again. sucks to be him. so then i dropped something, he helped me pick it up, and i ran off to distribute my returns to their proper locations.

best part? he was wearing a hat. a hat guy hat.

2. so we were at garden of the gods. to say goodbye. we went into the gift shop to find something commemorative (which also cost only 5$--unsuccessful, ultimately) and they were playing some sort of "instrumental folk hits" cd. one of those where the songs are not interpreted in a way that helps you actually identify them. which didn't stop me identifying "homeward bound." simon & garfunkel, you know--and guess which song i've been thinking of sice i learned we were at the "and back again" part of our hobbit's tale? yeah. and then just when it ended i found what i wanted most: a necklace with a real forget-me-not embedded in the pendant.

oh, yeah, i need to title these

so i finished the past life shawl. it is warm and huge and doesn't have its ends woven in yet. (well. it's still wet, so that's forgivable.) i also finished the lion brand scarf. and i forget whether i already talked about these things, but anyway, also, we are leaving for maryland on the first. of june. i'm half-packed; i even dyed a bunch of yarn today so that A) i won't have to dye at aunt dottie's (where rene and i are staying for the month before our move-in date at our intended house [his mom is staying with her sister]) and B) so i can pack yarn instead of dyestuffs. which is a sissy excuse given that my "dyestuffs" are packets of kool-aid whihc take up about as much space each as a playing card.

so. what shall i knit on the drive? i'd like to start another big thing, seeing as how the shawl is done. on the way here, a year ago, i did about a sleeve of my cleaves (which i never wear now). on the way back, it'll either be a sweater out of caron simply soft--and i'd like to do the sleeve in the car, not the body--or i'll begin on muir. finally take on that laceweight. OR i might work on my superduck socks (the banananana ones). i had to rip out the second sock because... how do i describe it? say X is the lace pattern column and O is the plain stockinette column. sock one was like this on the instep: "OXOXO" and sock two was like this: "XOXOX". and i did not want that. imagine, me, wanting two socks the same. but yes. so now i have a few rows of toe on two.

stomach-related issues


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still aLive--been reading, knitting, watching tv, working, etc--not internetting.

proof of aliveness: knitting update
PL shawl: on the last ball, which turns out to be the fifth one. it's big enough (i GUESS)--and each row is taking EVEN LONGER now, and i'm out of pattern ideas (it's a nonrepeating pattern, you see) so yeah. it's nearly done. the sixth ball... i'm thinking a lacy hat, or mitts.
socks: i'm a couple of pattern repeats past the toe of the second sock. the first one is a little tight, but not so much that it cuts off circulation or anything; i think it's comfy and warm, but i wouldn't be able to sleep with them on.
lion brand scarf: ...hasn't moved since i last talked to you, except for when i had to pick up something that was underneath it.

next up: i require armwarmers for work. it's still chilly at night (though VERY warm at the registers during the day--all those customers, full of hot air, you know). of course i'll probsbly have them done in time for the full heat of summer, but i'll have them for next year either way. i really don't have the right yarn for these. i need a worsted or sport in a solid, professional color (black, grey, brown, blue) and i'd prefer wool. if i don't buy new yarn, i'll probably end up using the Mountain Of Black Red Heart (one of those pound-o-love balls). and i bet i still won't exhaust it.

on the other hand, i did recently get some "cashmere" (which turnes out to be, like, 80% acrylic, 16% rayon or nylon or something, and 4% cashmere. still quite soft, but now i get why it was at michaels. they also have "alpaca"). it's white, but the nylon and cashmere would pick up dye, so i'd get some sort of mottling, i expect, so i could dye it and make cashmere armwarmers. maybe. i sort of thought i could make a lace cashmere scarf (okay, i just like saying things are cashmere--it's a luxury thing) out of it, but with the acrylic content i'm not sure how it would block.

wolverein review + knitting update

wolverein: origins: x-men: wolverine:

don't see it. not even for free. if you have read an x-men comic--any of them--don't watch this movie. if you've ever read a damn batman comic, don't go see this movie. i feel that my time was wasted, and i never feel that. rene feels that a small piece of his brain has died. we didn't even watch the whole thing (because of brain-death and also because of certain measures put in place to keep evil criminals like us from watching things for free on the internet [also, what we watched was in fact a leaked, unfinished copy {or at any rate i really hope they're not relasing the version we saw}. the cg was SO BAD]). rene says he's going to finish watching it. i said, "okay. you can finish watching it." remember legally blonde 2? it's kind of like that.

also, the spelling of "wolverein" is from a deadpool/wolverine comic. you should read it. it's freaking hilarious. forget how deadpool was in this dumb movie (you know--with a face and all). in fact, forget all the movies. read the comics.

knitting update:
banananana socks: have turned heel and gotten 1/2" up the leg on sock#1. still in love, or quite a bit of like.
grey shawl: depressed at each row taking 20 minutes to complete. nearly done with the 4th ball now; considering being okay with a slightly small shawl and using the leftover yarn for something sane, like armwarmers. boy, do i need some armwarmers. it's still chilly here, especially at work, but my good sweater has a giant hole in the sleeve and another in the pocket, and my not-as-good sweater, and all my other sweaters, do things like flop around and be too big and have too-long sleeves that don't stay up when you roll them up. so. armwarmers.
new scarf: i have discovered the perfect way to use the lion-brand landscapes that mom gave me: brioche stitch in two-row stripes, alternating both colors. it blends the colors, improving both and making them look like one yarn, and it's a nice thick soft fabric, and, hey, brioche. brioche is a neat stitch to do. (...if "k1, k1below" is brioche. it might not be.) also if you spread out the stitches and hold them up to the light you can see the structure of the fabric and it is just fascinating. that's... oh, about two-thirds to three-quarters done. somewhere in there.

oh, and rene bought me a flower.

i am very lonely

so, i am very lonely. i don't understand how people make friends, and i don't understand how, once you have a friend, you're allowed to just intrude on her life to say, hey, i'm lonely/bored/breathing, let's go do something, let's talk. it seems like that would piss most people off. explanations? how does this work? also, if you are lonely/bored/breathing, want to go do something or talk?